Autumn Pleasures

Autumn – beautiful colored leaves, blue skies, fluffy white clouds skittering by, brisk winds, blowing leaves as far as the eye can see; smells of fallen leaves, harvest dust, and the last roses of summer.

There are so many beautiful things for the eye to see in the autumn days we are now experiencing.  Children love rolling in the leaves, including jumping into piles of leaves that have been raked together.  They come up very dirty and dusty, but it is all in the fun of a child. These are memories for them to someday  look back upon as they get older.

Driving along the scenic drives we see rolling color – hills filled with trees that are slowly dropping their leaves.  Sometimes we see bare trees already, with all their leaves at their base.  A bed put to rest for the winter.

Then you come onto a large field of pumpkins.  Oh what beauty in the bright sunlight! Each one formed different than the other, but all a bright orange – and in a neighboring field are the pure white ones.  They are almost luminesque!  In the moonlight, imagine how they’ll show up setting next to orange ones, gourds, and cornstalks.

Beauty of autumn abounds around us; and where does it all come from? None other than our Lord having created it all.  We should be thankful for every day of every week of every year.  We have much to be thankful for – so many blessings given to us – and all free of charge.  The only exchange we are asked to make is “Believe in our Lord Jesus Christ”….  do good unto our neighbors, as we’d love them to be unto us.

God’s blessings to one and all as I leave this writing.  Be glad we have such freedoms to enjoy our sights that God has provided for us.